Baked Biko

Baked Biko with a Twist is Davao City's Newest Coffee Buddy!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 20, 2020

Baked Biko with a Twist is Davao City's Newest Coffee Buddy!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 20, 2020

Photos by Davao Food Guide

Biko is a Filipino delicacy also known as sticky rice. It is a sweet rice cake made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar topped with Latin. Also called a kakanin, it is an easy-to-make homemade snack or dessert and a favorite by many Filipinos. You can find biko in any street corner and or brought to you by your friendly vendor, still plying the streets, the old fashioned way. It is filling enough for a snack, but can also be dessert, depending on the preparation.

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On our streets, there isn’t much variation on the biko. It is familiar, accessible, and does not need much to improve it. There are several versions of this delicacy. Every home and family has their own. But in Davao City, an unexpected twist on our favorite merienda captured the hearts and tummies of Dabawenyos. Ruby Lyzza Tan of Biiko Bakes shared a funny story because she did not know that their way of making biko is unique, “All this time, I thought the normal way of making biko is by baking. I was confused not knowing it was not the normal way of making it. I don’t usually eat biko and I’ve only tried my mom’s baked biko so I really don’t have an idea how it should be made.”

1594710052_choose-philippines-pizza-delivery-banig-boxes-flavorUniqueness is something that will make your business stand out especially on social media. And since her mom’s baked biko was a blockbuster hit to family and friends, Ruby thought of selling baked biko online. “I was thinking about how to make my products more unique and saw a lot of people selling ubedesal, ube halaya, and suman moron. Why not incorporate ube and chocolate flavors in baked biko too?”

1594710052_choose-philippines-pizza-delivery-banig-boxes-flavorBiiko Bakes offers different flavors of baked biko: Classic, Chocolate, Ube and Ube with Cheese. You can choose to have it in a small tub or up to a party tray; prices start at P100.00. Cool right? “We feel extremely happy to be able to share our homemade baked biko with a unique taste to everyone,” she added, “We can support our local businesses by purchasing their products. You can also show your support by liking or following their page, liking or reposting their posts, and promoting their products,” shared Ruby.

1594893195_img-1971For orders and inquiries, you may contact Biiko Bakes on Facebook. The elements are all still there, an awesome twist was just added that will make you see the biko in a new light. #BuyNaKayJuan

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