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Choco Butternut Loaf? This is Where You Can Find it!

Gari Sy Rivera | July 27, 2020

Choco Butternut Loaf? This is Where You Can Find it!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 27, 2020

You’ve heard it right, the goodness of the nationwide favorite flavor Choco Butternut is now available in the form of a baked cake loaf!

Nanz Zarate of Marikina-based baskeshop At Your Own Whisk shares that their take on Choco Butternut as cake loaves started from the love that her brother, Ron, like many Filipinos, had for the sweet flavor inspired by Dunkin Donuts. Their mother and confectioner of the business, Nancy Zarate, then concocted the flavor to life and added it to their menu.

The flavor of heavenly chocolate, cakey goodness coated in orange sugary bits was an instant hit for the biz and is one of their bestsellers today! Though there are a few who request for the simple Butternut-without-chocolate flavor and At Your Own Whisk happily take these in, nothing beats good ol’ Choco Butternut in rich, thick loaves!

Choco Butternut Loaf | At Your Own Whisk
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Along with the Choco Butternut loaf, At Your Own Whisk has been serving many different loaves and flavors of tasty sweetness in just the right amount, perfect to partner your cup of joe with any time of the day for dessert or merienda. The array of their menu includes classic favorites such as Banana, Carrot, Lemon, and unique flavors that’s got our mouths watering to taste: Choco Banana, Matcha with Choco Dip, and the bestseller Apple Cinnamon.

Nanz shares what each of these yummy flavors are like, starting off with the timeless favorites. “You can never go wrong with the classic Banana, [same with] Carrot din, like mga pang merienda talaga siya. (they’re great for afternoon snacks.)” For those who want that extra kick of sweetness, she suggests trying their Choco Banana loaves that actually first started as one special-request order, turned into a favorite on their menu.

Another bestseller, Apple Cinnamon is also a definite must-try! Many love it for its sweet and scrumptious mix along with the irresistible cinnamon aroma topping it off.

Carrot and Apple Cinnamon Loaves | At Your Own Whisk
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If a tangy-treat is what you're looking for, their Lemon loaves are what you need to try! With its zesty scent and delectable taste, many have found it as the right matchup to a fresh cup of coffee. Nanz relates, “Ang bango-bango niya and ang daming curious sa kanya, may nagsabi na nag-brew pa sila coffee to match the lemon." (It smells so good and a lot of people were curious about it, some have said they’ve brewed coffee to match the lemon.)

Banana, Chocolate, and Lemon Loaves | At Your Own Whisk
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Matcha lovers can also satisfy their cravings through At Your Own Whisk’s Matcha loaf that comes with rich chocolate dip, added particularly to give that extra touch of sugar, ultimately making the best green tea-dessert combo yet.

Matcha Loaf by At Your Own Whisk

Get a loaf of Choco Butternut and more of their flavors today! At Your Own Whisk's delivery is available within Marikina, Rizal, and Metro Manila. Visit At Your Own Whisk's Facebook and Instagram pages for orders, inquiries, and more.

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