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Siargao Surfing: On the Waves and on the Road

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Mar 02, 2016
Siargao Surfing: On the Waves and on the Road

Surfing refers to the act of riding on a wave towards the shore.  In the 437-square kilometer teardrop-shaped island of Siargao, surfing has boosted tourism and has become a source of livelihood for the locals. 

The hollow tubes of Cloud 9 has been hosting international and surfing cups every year.  Two of Siargao’s locals, Piso Alcala and Jon Mark “Marama” Tokong, have emerged as champions at the 20th and 21st International Surfing Cups held in the island.

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Some establishments offers surfing lesson complete with the rentals of boards and other gear and, of course, you''ll learn from the best instructors: the locals. 

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Jacking Horse or Jockeying Horse is a surf spot for beginners.  This is just a few meters away from the famous Cloud 9.  This is where lessons on sand and on the water are conducted by the trainers.



After practicing the proper movements, leg positions and balancing on the sand with the board, you head off to the water and brave the baby waves.

It may take many attempts but the exhilaration that comes when you finally ride the wave is awesome. Very close to surfing on the water is the surfing on Siargao’s pavements using mopeds or motorcycles.

For just PhP 250, you can rent a moped for the whole day and tour the island.

Island Hopping Adventures Philippines (iHAP) members cruised on the paved streets of Siargao and discovered this pristine white sand beach.

But there’s more to chasing the pavements of Siargao.  Local celebrity and surfer, Manuel Melindo or Wilmar, when not surfing on water, showcase his tricks while on a skateboard. 

Wilmar says the movements and balance on water and on the road on the boards are almost the same. So the next time you hear surfing in Siargao, try thrilling activities whether it's on the wave or on the pavement. 

How to get there:

PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Surigao City.

Siargao Island can be reached by boat from Surigao City. Roro or M/V Fortune Angels to Dapa cost from Php200 for Economy B and Php250 for Economy A. Terminal fee is Php10. Dapa Express also plies the route at Php250 from the Surigao City Port.

From Dapa, ride the motorcycle for General Luna at PhP80.

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