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Do You Want to Go on an Action-filled Adventure? Go Extreme Hill Driving in Tarlac!


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Choose Philippines | Nov 03, 2016

Nestled in the town of Capas in Tarlac, this 17,814 hectare valley was once a facility that houses electronic warfare installations. It was used by the American Air Force and was a component facility of Clark Air Base.

In 1991, the Mt. Pinatubo explosion had these facilities buried by pyroclastic flows and later on, by lahar.

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Now, this valley is occasionally used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines for military practices. When not in use, they serve as base camps for hikers going to the trails of Mt. Pinatubo.

Join us, as Pilipinas Wanderer Ryan Real with the Sun Trail Boys take you on an action filled aerial adventure in Crow Valley.


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