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Incredibly #ARMMazing: This Tawi-Tawi Boat Ride is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen!


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Choose Philippines | Nov 10, 2016
Incredibly #ARMMazing: This Tawi-Tawi Boat Ride is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen!

Tawi-Tawi is famous for many things, primarily its history steeped in Islam heritage, as well the untouched island and beaches, being considered as a remote island by many travelers.

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However, when it needs to be, this small island off the coast of Mindanao can get pretty exciting. In fact, many of its more adventurous visitors, instead of opting to take the historical and cultural tour, take the boat tour around the islands. Oftentimes, that boat ride can get pretty crazy but exciting, as evidenced in this video by traveler Olan Fernandez Emboscado:

This is not your ordinary, gentle, calm, and peaceful ride; in fact, if you aren’t carefully holding onto the boat, you, or your items, might easily fall into the water, and you’ll most likely lose them forever to the deep blue.

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On the other hand, Olan has a lot of courage taking his entire camera rig with him on the harrowing boat ride, even going so far as saying, “The boat ride that beats all the boat rides I had in the past. This is an incredible adventure not apt for the faint of hearts!” Based on how much shaking there is in the video, and how fast the boat seemed to be going, we’ll just take his word for it.

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