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Camiguin's Sunken Cemetery: Dive & Wait For A Magical Surpise


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 25, 2017

I have been to a number of dive spots around the Philippines. However, Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin gives me nostalgia and sensational flashbacks from time to time. 

Sunken Cemetery used to be a graveyard above the sea but because of the eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1980, it was destroyed and its remnants are found underwater.

Only the vibrant colors of the coral would be seen.

Stopping by this location was quite spontaneous. Upon arriving at the site, my friend and I was strongly curious on what we could set our eyes on. The water is not that clear. There was not a single soul swimming— it does not look like a dive spot at all. Apparently, there’s something about the thought of it being a cemetery and the possibility of diving it strike us the most. 

So, my friend and I opted to spend our extra cash to see for ourselves what’s underneath the cemetery.

To our surprise, it's now what we expected. We were treated to something magical. We were both mesmerized beyond words. It was shallow at the same time the richness of the life underneath is spectacular. You would see different kinds of colorful fishes, the abundance of healthy corals, big giant clams that glows in the water and other sea creatures that you’ve never seen before. Swimming around the area will make you feel ecstatic because there are no signs of trash which proves that the sea is well taken care of.

Hiring a boat to explore the area is not needed, but a tour guide is mandatory. The tour guides assigned by the local government are familiar with the dive site, well equipped and of course, well trained. A fee of Php 150 (good for 3 persons) for the tour guide and Php 50 for the environmental fee are regulated before snorkeling or diving in the site. Equipment can be rented out if needed.

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