The Millennium Tree of Aurora: Majestic & Mystical

The moment you see her, Aurora’s 600-year-old balete tree commands attention and fascination.

A balete tree is usually synonymous with superstitions and horror stories in Filipino folklore. The Millennium Tree at Maria Aurora town in the province of Aurora, however, is a source of pride to the locals.

It’s one of the most famous tourist spots in the entire Aurora. The enormous tree stands 200 feet tall. How wide is it? Well, it needs 50 people standing side-by-side and hand-in-hand to circle the tree.

Because of its massive size, the tree has an opening inside, where 10-15 people can fit at once. It makes a good spot to take photos, and more importantly, a good spot to marvel at the tree’s beauty.

A number of tourist guides are also at your disposal in the area. They volunteer information on the history and the mystic background of the tree. Most importantly, at least for some people, they will wholeheartedly take your souvenir photos, even suggesting trick shots that can produce magical photos like this one:

You can also do a little shopping in the vicinity, or have a quick snack. You can even get a mini-balete tree of your own!

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