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Impress Your Date or Propose in Style in Mindanao’s Silo in The Sky

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 12, 2014

silo Climbing isn't one of my favorites, but I'll be good to go when faced with the challenge.


After a day traipsing around Tacurong City and its neighboring towns, the last stop before dinner was the National Food Authority - Southern Philippines Grains Complex (NFA-SPGC) Silo.

What could be interesting in a dull-looking milling and storage area?


Well, for one, it holds the record for being the highest building in south-central Mindanao.


Second, you get a 360-degree view of the whole region. Pretty neat.


Third, the sunset view is awesome.


Fourth, it's a pretty special thing. Not everyone can get to climb the concrete stairs and see the view.

This is because everyone has to ask permission for days ahead, and when you get there, you have to ask the guard for the keys to the tower.

Fifth, at 120 feet, consider it an achievement to have navigated the stairs and made it to the top. What a way to impress your date, huh? :-)


Truly, the view is breathtaking as you turn around to see all the sights of rice fields, buildings, mountain ranges, towers, different shades of green from the trees, the sky, and the sun setting on the horizon.

silo Berniemack Arellano of HabagatCentral taking a shot of the view as I took a panoramic shot with him in it.

If you could set-up a table with the food that you both like, have a quiet sunset dinner, and pop that question…maybe she'd give you that much-coveted YES!

I don’t recommend alcoholic drinks, though. You might just get too spirited to actually think like a spirit and "fly." Or, your legs would be too jelly to go down.

You can also tell the man you love that he is everything to you and say thank you for all that he is and will be. This silo in the sky might be the edifice to strengthen your relationship.

If you’re not with that significant other, with nature’s beauty unfolding before you, be grateful to the Creator for the chance to be where you are and the life you’ve been given.

silo Groupie with Berniemack Arellano of HabagatCentral.com, Olan Emboscado TheTravelTeller, me, and Ms. Emelie Jamorabon of the Tacurong City Tourism Office.

Take the sight in, capture it on camera and with your eyes (take selfies or groupies!), breathe in the fresh air. It's worth the climb!

Sorry, though, that I wasn't able to get a photo of the stairs. I was too busy catching my breath!

silo I just had to include my drama with the sunset :-) Thanks for the photo, Berns!

Why not schedule your visit when Tacurong City celebrates its Talakudong Festival, one of Mindanao's pioneering celebrations? Read how fun it is here: Talakudong: A Festival That Should Be on Your Radar Every Year.

VIEW: Make Tacurong your jump-off point to explore Mindanao with the Choose Philippines GenSan Map:


VIEW: Make Tacurong your jump-off point to explore Mindanao with the Choose Philippines Davao Map:


How to Get There

Coordinate with the Tacurong City Tourism Office (Ms. Emelie Jamorabon) when you get to Tacurong. You can either drive in your private vehicle or ride the tricycle to the NFA Compund.

Tacurong City is 4 hours land trip from Davao City and 2 hours from General Santos City. PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Davao City and General Santos City.

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