5 Haunted Places in Cebu Perfect for Ghost Hunting

1) Villalon Mansio


The Villalon Mansion, also referred as the “House on the Hill,” is one of the known haunted houses in Cebu. It once served as the residence of a rich Cebuano clan, and the mansion used to attract plenty of visitors.

Now, it is off-limits to outsiders. They say that unusual activities happen in this site, and you can hear odd sounds at night. There’s also a sighting of a white lady.

The mansion is located at the Capitol Site, Cebu City.

2) Lambusan Cemetery


Public cemeteries usually have its tombs for rent for a year. Then if the year is up and you can’t continue to rent, the bones of your deceased loved one are stacked in a common area.

The Lambusan Cemetery is among the poorest ones in the Northern Cebu area. It is common to see skulls and bones scattered everywhere. This place will give you the creeps, and you’ll definitely enjoy your ghost-hunting escapade here.

The cemetery is located at Lambusan, San Remegio, Cebu.

3) Casa Gorordo Museum


The Casa Gorordo, long before it was turned into a museum, was a family residence of the first Filipino bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo. The bishop died in the masters bedroom on December 20, 1934.

According to the museum staff, the apparitions seen aren’t from the bishop but of one of his spinster sisters. The female ghost usually appears sitting at the courtship area in front of Gorordo’s private chapel.

Ironic, since she was never married. Is she waiting for someone or for her future lover even in the afterlife?

The museum is located at No. 35 Lopez Jaena, Cebu City. For inquiries, contact (032) 255-5645.

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4) Escario House and Pension


Escario Street has its share of haunted places in Cebu. There’s this once-abandoned house in Escario, a 4-storey house that was recently turned into a hotel.

According to stories, during the construction of the house, a worker died every month. These numerous deaths might be the reason you’ll experience unusual activities here even if it’s located in the midst of a very busy district.

And just right in front of the Escario House is the Escario Pension House. Ghost sightings have been reported by guests and employees. They also say you can hear footsteps in the middle of night…as well as knocks on your door.

The house and pension house are located along Escario Street, Cebu City.

5) A House in Carcar

Carcar is one of the historically haunted places in Cebu. Residents say that the ghost of Pantaleon Villegas, famously known as “Leon Kilat,” still haunts Carcar’s ex-capitan, Timoteo Barcenilla.

Catch the ghostly apparition in a the house where the Katipunan leader was stabbed to death on Good Friday, due on a plot by some of the town’s pro-Spanish elites.

The house is located at Carcar, Cebu.

Of course, there are more “haunted” places all over the Philippines. If you happen to know one or you’ve experienced it yourself, share it with us in Choose Philippines! We would love to read about it.

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