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Feel-Good Christmas Trees From the World's Best Holiday Country, Part 4

Albay, Sorsogon

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Choose Philippines | Dec 01, 2014
Feel-Good Christmas Trees From the World's Best Holiday Country, Part 4

Since 2010, the Province of Albay has been celebrating an environment-friendly Christmas through the use of recycled materials and locally-abundant produce for their giant Christmas trees and colorful decors. In this festival called the Karangahan Albay Green Christmas, the giant trees are truly sources of pride ("Karangahan" means a special endearment or pride). Being clean and green with the decorations also extends to provinces in and around Albay.

1) Philippine Air Force Oil Drums: 2010 & 2011 Karangahan Albay Green Christmas

The first Karangahan tree were PAF oil drums painted in green. Similar materials were used the following year, with the tree being moved from Albay Astrodome to Peñaranda Park to accommodate a taller structure.

Photo credit: Nelson P. Salting

2) Pili Seedlings: 2012 Karangahan Albay Green Christmas

In the following years, materials indigenous to Albay were used. Pili seedlings were the decors in 2012, since Bicol is known for its pili products.

Photo credit: Rhaydz B. Barcia, bicolmail.com

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3) Coconut Husks: 2013 Karangahan Albay Green Christmas

They used coco husks (bao), minimizing waste and utilizing the abundance of the said plant resource in the province.

Photo credit: Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda

Let's take a quick trip to Albay's neighboring province, Sorgoson, for these visual treats:

4) Capiz Shells (Siama Hotel, Sorsogon, 2014)

Photo by Bryan Jao a.k.a. Bicolano Man

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5) Baluko or "Pen" Shells (Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park, 2014)

Photo credit: Padabaon ta an Sorsoson, via bicolstandard.com

Coming Soon: Giant Camote Christmas Tree!

This year, Albay will feature a giant Christmas tree adorned with about 5,000 camote tops from top to bottom. You need to see this in person!

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Feel-Good Christmas Trees From the World's Best Holiday Country

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