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In the Philippines' Only Men's Monastery: Relax, Reflect & Relish the Sweetest Mangoes!


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Jan 26, 2015
In the Philippines' Only Men's Monastery: Relax, Reflect & Relish the Sweetest Mangoes!

In Guimaras, you’ll find a quiet place. A place where you can play, meditate, and buy your favorite island pasalubong!

Trappist Monastery

The Our Lady of the Philippines Monastery or simply known as the Trappist Monastery is the only men’s monastery in the country.

Trappist is a branch of the Cistercian order of monks noted for its strict rule that includes remaining silent for much of the time.

The monks also follow St. Benedict’s rule and are best known for their discipline on austerity. So if you’re visiting the monastery, show respect to the monks by staying as quiet as you can.

The Trappist Monastery in Guimaras was founded in 1972. You’ll find the monastery on the main road south of San Miguel.

Church and Monastery

Visit the church and offer some prayer. Make sure to wear decent clothes if you’re planning to do so.

The monastery is also available for retreats.

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Just a few steps away from the church, you'll find the gift shop.

Gift Shop

The Gift/Souvenir Shop

Also check their gift shop out. You might find something that you would like to bring home. They sell under the brand “Trappist Monastic Products.”

Store Hours

All made by the monks they have jams in pineapple and mango flavors, mango butterscotch, marmalades, souvenir items and many other processed foods. When buying their products, you’re also helping them as this is how they earn.

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You can contact the monastery through:

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour).

Iloilo City is the primary gateway to Guimaras. From Iloilo Airport, take a cab and ask to be taken to Parola which is the jump-off point for Jordan, Guimaras. From there you can board a motorboat (Php14++ per head) going to Jordan port. Upon arriving in Jordan port, proceed to the tourism center just a few meters from the drop-off point. You can ask for assistance getting around. There are also several mini-van and tricycle drivers who offer tour rides.

You can get to the Trappist Monastery from San Miguel by jeepney (Php10 per head) or tricycle (Php80).

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