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7 Must-Visit Heritage Sites (and More) of the Athens of Negros Island

Negros Occidental

Helton Balairos
Helton Balairos | Feb 26, 2015

One can’t celebrate the present without looking back at the past. Century old houses in Silay City need to be celebrated because of its glorious heritage.

Known as the “Athens of Negros Occidental,”, houses of Sugar Barons - still standing proud - need to be visited to experience its allure and worth.

Let’s visit the old beautiful houses one by one. 

1) Balay Negrense (Negrense House) 

It is the most visited among the century-old houses in the city showcasing the lifestyle of sugar barons in the 19th century. 

2) Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

It is known as the pink house which easily grabs attention, located along the busy thoroughfare of the metropolis. 

3) Maria Ledesma Golez Heritage Building

It is a beautiful, majestic, preserved structure which is a living witness to the glorious past. 

4) Hofileña Heritage House

This house is made of iron wood or balayong in the local language, and is considered as the first ancestral house in Silay City. It contains an astonishing private art collection. 

5) San Diego Pro Cathedral

An early 20th century cathedral, it's the only pro-cathedral outside Manila. 

6) El Ideal

A bakery established in 1920’s, it’s more than a food find for bread-lovers but an institution not only in Silay but in the entire Negros Island. It is the home of the famous “guapple pie” which is made of guaba and apple with cinnamon. Other local delicacies served are also perfect for pasalubong.

7) Café 1925

The name itself sounds really historical that it will make you think and beckons you to visit whether for curiosity's sake or just to unwind. It serves local delicacies and short orders. 


Well, now, lets’ take a look at some other beautiful houses of antiquity, with amazing interiors and designs.

These ancestral houses can be toured on foot or a ride through tri-sikad (tri-bicycle). The drivers serve as your tour guides with never-ending humor and amazement.

Farmacia Locsin

Truly, the past makes you think how great our ancestors are - building the luxurious and robust houses so that we may be able to take a glimpse of how they enjoy the magnificent past. They also have big contributing factors in our modern architecture and history. 

Explore Bacolod City of Negros Occidental:

1) Pope John Paul II Tower
Photo by Dustin Mijares
2) Sta. Clara Chapel

3) San Sebastian Cathedral

4) Artistic Churches in Negros Occidental

5) Mambukal Mountain Resort

6) The Ruins

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Where to Eat

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3) Bacolod Chicken House
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4) Calea
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5) Manokan Country

What to Eat

1) Chickan Inasal

2) Baklava (A 683-year-old Recipe)
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3) Piaya
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Watch out for Masskara Festival, Bacolod's happiest festival every October!

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