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10 Reasons to Choose Surigao del Sur (Enchanted River + More Natural Wonders)

Surigao del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Mar 05, 2015
10 Reasons to Choose Surigao del Sur (Enchanted River + More Natural Wonders)

Surigao del Sur has 17 municipalities and two cities--- Tandag and Bislig.  Each municipality offers wonders of nature that can take your breath away and leave you in awe. 

Surigao del Sur has islands and islets that is a beach worshiper’s paradise, waterfalls that fall from rock walls and boulders to ocean waterfalls that fall on limestone outcroppings, emerald green to blue seawaters and waves that rush to shore for surfing.

Crabs and prawns are staples and so are the fish both fresh and dry.

So here are 10 reasons to choose Surigao del Sur.


1. Tinuy-an Falls 

Tinuy-an Falls is most often called the Niagara of the Philippines because of its size.  It plunges 180 feet high and is 90 feet in wide.

Find out why Tinuy-an is called PHs Niagara

2. Brittania Group of Islands

24 islands and islets that you can hop on to.  Pristine white sand beaches and deep blue waters.

Explore and Conquer the Isles of Brittania

3. Hinatuan Enchanted River

There are so many reasons why its enchanted.  One, its believed to be the home of spirits that take care of its waters. The sight of aqua blue water that reaches unfathomed depths but still remain clear is enchanting.  At feeding time, fish of different sizes, color and species leaves you in awe.

Be up close and personal with Enchanted Hinatuan

4. Laswitan, Cortes

Who would think that the waves of the Pacific Ocean could create a splash that would become an ocean waterfall?  The water that then trickles down to the pool makes for a perfect swimming experience.   

Get to know this Ocean Waterfall: Life is Sweet In Laswitan

5. Cantilan Islands

These 4 islands of Cantilan have serenity as a common factor but they have different assets.  Kayaking and marine aqualife lessons in one, surfing in another, swimming and lazing around for all 4 islands.

Discover These 4 Mindanao Islands of Cantilan

6. Bislig Crabs

Crabs costs from 350-550 per kilo depending on size.  The good thing about it is that you do not have to go far to buy.  There are stalls along the highway that offer this crustacean.

7. Lanuza Surfing

For that adrenaline rush, try out Lanuza’s surfing spots.  There are places for beginners and for the advance surfers.

Lanuza is one of the 6 Mindanao Surfing Spots

8. Ironwood Furniture and Crafts

Beautifully crafted furniture and crafts that can stand the test of time and elements as the wood used is Magkono or ironwood.  You can have it made-to-order or ready-to-use.

9. Cagwait White Beach

The horseshoe-shaped cove of Cagwait allows for a calm and gentle swimming pool for everyone.

Cagwait's White Beach is one of the 10 Mindanao Beaches That Would Take You to Cloud 9

10. Dried Fish

Highway stalls display different sizes and species of dried fish.  Some are as big as humans and some as small as the famous danggit.

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