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CHOOSY KA BA? 8 Reasons to Choose Jagna, Bohol (Beaches + Caves + Terraces)


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Jun 24, 2015
CHOOSY KA BA? 8 Reasons to Choose Jagna, Bohol (Beaches + Caves + Terraces)

Jagna is popularly known for its sweet native delicacy, calamay. Did you know that Jagna has more to offer? Discover its natural wonders and beautiful tourist destinations. Here’s our suggested list.

The skyline of Jagna, Bohol; photo by P199 from en.wikipedia.org

1. Beaches

Can-uba Beach

The beach of barangay Can-uba is one of the must-visit spots in Jagna, Bohol for nature lovers. The beach is about 400 meters long and the water along its shoreline is deep unlike other beaches. The Can-uba Beach is a go-to destination of locals and tourists most especially during holidays.


2. Caves

Cantuyoc Cave

Discovered in 1995 by 2 Slovenian spelunkers, this underground chamber has cool rivers, and is declared as the second deepest cave of the Philippines. 


Eva Cave

The cave appeared to be small and narrow for many years but it widened and deepened due to a high magnitude earthquake that occurred. Several chambers are found inside and one of which has a knee-deep pool. The cave is found about a half kilometer near Odiong Elementary School. You’ll find different species of birds, tree ferns, and wild orchids along the area.


3. Church

St. Michael Church

St. Michael Church of Jagna; photo by Ric V. Obedencio from en.wikipedia.org

The centuries-old St. Michael Church is one of the oldest and biggest churches in Bohol province. The parish feast day is celebrated every September 29.


4. Shrines

Birhen sa Barangay Shrine

Declared by the local diocese as a national shrine, hundreds of devotees come to venerate image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The image is a painting of the Blessed Virgin dressed in native Filipino clothing.


Ilihan Shrine

It is a religious site for pilgrimages by the faithful since February 3, 1979 because of the image of the Barangay sang Birhen first visit. The painting was brought back to Bacolod City in January 14, 1981. A chapel was built on top of the hill where it overlooks the Sea of Mindanao.


5. Terraces

Luinab Rice Terraces

Occupying a total area of 50 hectares on 2 high mountains, the Luinab rice terraces is known for its beautiful panoramic view.


6. Waterfalls

Boctol Waterfalls

The Boctol waterfalls cascades to 2 different focal points. Its bluish waters drop to the ground like loosely folded clothing.


Kinahugan Falls

Located in sitio Karap-agan, Cabungaan, Jagna you can reach the theKinahugan waterfalls walking on winding trails for 1.5 hours. With a beautiful scenic spot, 50 feet high cliff, and 15 feet deep natural pool, it once became a site of Miss Bohol-Sandugo 2002 Search shooting location.

8. Other Tourist Sites

Lonoy Martyr Site

Mounted at the municipal plaza is the statue of Jagna’s local hero, Capt. Goyo Caseñas; photo by Onil Berro from jagna.gov.ph

Known for its clear cool springs and pool, the Lonoy Martyr Site is marker that commemorates the Filipino revolutionists led by Capt. Gregorio Caseñas and the American invaders during WWI in 1891.


How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Tagbilaran (estimated cost of Php4200++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

From Tagbilaran City, you can ride a bus (estimate of Php60++ per trip per passenger) or a van (estimate of Php80-100++ per trip per passenger) going to Jagna at the Dao Integrated Bus Terminal.

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