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CHOOSY KA BA: 7 Reasons to Choose Governor Generoso (Pink-Sand Beach + Tatlong Maria Lighthouses + More)

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 14, 2015
CHOOSY KA BA: 7 Reasons to Choose Governor Generoso (Pink-Sand Beach + Tatlong Maria Lighthouses + More)


Lighthouses that have withstood the test of time, beautiful white sand beaches, the historical site where Saint Francis Xavier held his first mass— these are some of the breathtaking wonders of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental that are waiting to be unravelled. 


1. Montserrat Coastal Highway

As you go along the highway of Montserrat, you will pass by fishing boats docked in the gentle coves of the island.  Fish is abundant in the area and are sold fresh at a very low price.

2. Cape San Agustin Lighthouses

Cape San Agustin is at the southernmost tip of Governor Generoso, it is a place where three lighthouses built in the 1940s, 1960s and 1990s are found.  The locals call these towers the "Tatlong Maria."  Two of the three towers overlooking the Pacific Ocean are still operational. 

Climbing in one of the towers is an experience one should not miss as you get to see the amazing view of the cape and the ocean. 

3. Pink-Sand Beach

This strip of beach ends at the cliff where the lighthouses stand. 


As the sun rays hit the sand, the granules of pulverized red organ pipe coral mixed with the white sand blanketing the beach, shimmer in the light. 

Farther down the beach you get to see how time and tides have etched its way into the rocks.

4. The Altar

As you climb on the rocks at the end of the beach, you get to stand on the site from where the Spanish Missionary Saint Francis Xavier first held mass. Locals call it the "Altar" because of its shape and because of the history behind it. The towering structure stands over the raging waters of the Pacific.

You'll be in awe once you get to see this massive rock formation up close. 

5. Centuries-old Dau Tree

Standing by the highway of Barangay Magdug is a 375 feet tall and 30-40 feet wide Mamacao or more popularly known as Dau Tree.  A lot of urban legends have been told about the 300-year old tree. 


I had to say "Tabi-Tabi" po, a Pinoy superstition, while I was going down the path to take photos. 

After stopping by the tree, we continued with our journey.

Pockets of black and white sand beaches have been teasing us from time to time and its high time to stop by one of the newly established resorts.

6. White-Sand Beaches

Just a few meters from the highway are white sand beaches that can relax and soothe tired and aching muscles.

The water is warm and you don’t get the usual crowd of noisy and rowdy beach goers.   You'd definitely appreciate the serenity that the beach has to offer. 

7. Sigaboy Island

Just 5 minutes by boat from Tibanban is this paradise island called Sigaboy.  It has green vegetation and white pebbly beach.  The island serves as the sanctuary of a serpent eagle.

You can see the town of Tibanban and the docked boats as you swim in its waters. Let its water ease the discomfort of your muscles as you wind down your day.

These are just 7 wonders of Governor Generoso that I have explored.

I am reserving the twin falls and the park at Cape San Agustin for our next trip to Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental.

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