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Siquijor’s St. Francis of Asisi Church: From Nipa Hut to Coral Stones


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Oct 06, 2015
Siquijor’s St. Francis of Asisi Church: From Nipa Hut to Coral Stones

In Siquijor, you’ll find crystal clear beaches, spring parks, falls, taste exotic food, mysterious balete tree, heritage sites and the beautiful centuries-old churches.

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One of the churches in Siquijor is the St. Francis of Asisi. The church is a well-know landmark as it welcomes everyone in the island.

“Welcome Siquijor” marker at the St. Francis of Asisi Church; photo by Dustin Mijares

St. Francis of Asisi Church is prominently known as the “Siquijor Church.” Everyone coming in and out of the island will actually passed by the church since it is just a few meters away from the port of Siquijor.

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The parish was founded in 1783. During that time, the church was a simple structure built in nipa hut. The colonial-era church was completed in 1831 where it is mostly made up of coral stones.

Text from the marker installed by the National Historical Institute at the Siquijor Church.

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The bell tower was built in 1891 just a few meters away from the church to serve as lookout for intruders of the island. The watchtower stands in the middle of the plaza to warn the people of Siquijor of any approaching danger. There’s also a convent beside the church that was said to be made of stone rubble.

St. Francis of Asisi Church or Siquijor Church is located at Siquijor Circumferential Road, Siquijor, Siquijor.

How to Get There

Going to Siquijor, you need to book a flight from Manila going to Dumaguete. From Manila, you can fly to Dumaguete (estimated cost of Php4,000++, round trip, one hour and 15 minutes).

Siquijor is just a short ferry ride from Dumaguete city. Delta Fast Ferries is the main ferry that operates the Dumaguete-Siquijor route (estimated cost of Php200++, one-way, 45 minutes). You can also get Oceanjet Ferry (Php350++, one-way, 45 minutes) or Weesam Express.

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