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A Century Old Church and Other Attractions of Basey, Western Samar

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Glen Santillan
Glen Santillan | Jul 03, 2013

Basey (pronounced as Basai/Basay) is also popular for its colorful and high quality handwoven mats (banig). Unlike in other towns, the people in Basey use a type of reed plant locally known as tikog. The tikog leave are usually dried and dyed with different colrors to create a unique and colorful mat. Aside from the mats, locals also make bags, wallets and hats made from the same plant.

The Basey Church The St. Michael Church is one of the most well-preserved church in the Samar provinces. The church is situated on top of a hill and served as a watchtower during the Spanish era. It is located near the municipal hall and is a walking distance to the public market and souvenir shops. The church already had several renovations but it still managed to preserve some of the most important features like mural on the ceiling. Another interesting part f the church is the belfry but unfortunately it was closed when we visited the church.

The Sohoton National Park We were supposed to visit the National Park but due to limited time we were not able to do so. Luckily, I had a chance to talk to a toursim staff so I was able to get the rates of the tour.

Motorboat Rental - P1500 good for 5-7 persons Guiding Fee - P350 Lighting - P300 Entrance Fee - P25 each for Locals and P200 for foreigners Golden River Cruise permit fee - P50 each SSA Operational Expenses (the group that maintains the place) 10% of the total group bill

How to get there? Mini buses, jeepneys and vans going to Basey from Tacloban are stationed in the Tacloban Bus Terminal. Fare ranges from P25-P30 and travel time is around one hour.

Click here to read more about my side trip to the town of Basey : http://www.escapemanila.com/2013/07/san-juanico-bridge-and-basey-western-samar.html

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