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Singaporean Writer: Philippine Heritage Site is "A Town from a Storybook"

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Choose Philippines | Sep 10, 2015
Singaporean Writer: Philippine Heritage Site is

"With cobblestone streets, horsedrawn carriages and rows of intricate colonial architecture, the northern Filipino city of Vigan looks like an antiquated Spanish town straight out of a storybook," said Straits Time writer Yip Wai Yee. 

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READ: Vigan is Officially Declared as a New7Wonder City

Declared as a world heritage site by Unesco in 1999 and one of the New7Wonders cities in 2014, the city of Vigan has been a great example for heritage conservation. 

In an article titled "Romantic Vigan," the author narrated her trip to the time-traveling city in the north of Luzon and took notice of the delectable Ilocano dishes

"The quaint Filipino city looks like a Spanish town from a storybook," added Yee. 

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