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Through the Travel Insider's Lens: 10 Beautiful Man-Made Sites Worth Visiting

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Nov 26, 2015

Recently, man has been blamed for innumerable problems in the world: global warming, wars and conflict, and the extinction of species. Though these claims are not unfounded, man can also be credited for creating the most beautiful structures and monuments this world has seen, and Filipinos are no exception to this, as we have created bridges, lighthouses, and entire towns that truly highlight what it means to live in this beautiful country. Now, if only we could end all conflict in the world... perhaps another time.

One of the world's most beautiful creations was made by the hands of FIlipinos at Batad, Ifugao. Mula kay Arlyn Evangelista.

The creativity of the Filipino truly shines with both structures, and even vehicles, like this wooden bike found in BanaueMula kay Cynthia Cee.

The Mangrove Pathway in Sigayan, Puerto Galera compliments the rising sun perfectlyMula kay Eduard Yaco.

The Hanging Coffins in Sagada blend both culture and creativity in a touching and very spiritual wayMula kay Jakie Kim.

Even after many years, the Cagsawa Ruins in Legaspi, are still standing, very much indicative of the strength and quality of its materialsMula kay Kira Takashi.

Vigan is a protected heritage site, and this picture explains whyMula kay Phos Graphi.

In Clark, Pampanga, balloons aren't just for kids! Mula kay Rc Neiman.

Who said Manila Bay only had the best views of the sunset? Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City offers the same beautiful view for all VisayansMula kay Rehj Payunan Medina.

Religion has made the Filipino do incredible feats of architecture and engineering, such as the Tatlong Krus monument in Paete, LagunaMula kay Robert Catapang.

Tuguegarao, Cagayan steps into the modern era with its very ambitious and creative Buntun Bridge. Mula kay Xyvelster Mari Meman Macababbad.


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