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UK Site Lists Philippines as One of "Underrated Destinations Around the World"

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Choose Philippines | Mar 03, 2016
UK Site Lists Philippines as One of

The spotlight is on the Philippines and its beautiful destinations for the nth time. London-based online newspaper The Telegraph listed the Philippines as second among the Top 10 underrated places in the world. 

In a photo essay titled "Underrated destinations around the world", the site noted that a total of 113, 282 British tourists visited the Philippines in 2014.

screencap from The Telegraph

The website singled out Banaue Rice Terraces or locally known as 'payao' for its stunning view: "The Philippines has equally impressive beaches, as well as stunning Be[a]naue Rice Terraces, and a large number of locals speak[ing] English compared to other Asian countries."   

Other countries that made it in the list are Bolivia, Turkmenistan, Sierra Leone, Canada, Honduras, island of La Palma, Bhutan, Mozambique, and Albania. 

Have you been to payao? Share your experience with us! 

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