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The Old Church Ruins of Pudtol, Apayao


Pinoy Adventurista
Pinoy Adventurista | Jul 20, 2013

Contributed by: Travel Insider Pinoy Adventurista

When visiting Apayao province, one should not miss visiting the Old Church Ruins of Pudtol. The town of Pudtol is about 20 kilometers from the junction (Luna) at the national highway. According to some sources from the internet, the stone church which is now a ruins was built in 1684. Standing beside the new town church, it has a small altar at the middle with at few benches at the center. The Pudtol church ruins is located at Barangay Emilia, a few meters walk from the municipal hall and the public market.

Another church ruins can be found in Barangay Mataguisi, also in the municipality of Pudtol some 22 KMS away from the town center.

How to get there? CLICK HERE.

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