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Before Big Malls Open in Cebu, This Oldest Street in PH Got Everything You Need


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Choose Philippines | Sep 22, 2016

The oldest street in the Philippines lies at modern-day downtown Cebu. Also known as the shortest national road in the Philippines, one could not afford not to take the time and satisfy one’s curiosity. This street which was once dubbed as the heart for Cebu’s shopping and business industry, is named after Cristobal Colon aka Christopher Columbus. This can all be traced back to then-Spanish conquisitador, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s town plan in 1565.

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So why not walk down the memory lane? Relive the Filipino’s rich culture and history. See how everything that was once is change into what’s now. Let your fading recall of your elementary history subject be refreshed in the oldest street of the Philippines.

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