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The Ruins' Owner: "We are Gearing The Ruins as the Next Wedding Destination"

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Choose Philippines | Dec 05, 2016

Dubbed as the “Taj Mahal” of the Philippines, The Ruins has captured the hearts of many around the Philippines and around the globe. It has become an iconic landmark in the city of Talisay in Negros Occidental with its rich history and architecture.

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The old mansion was built by the late Don Mariano Lacson in loving memory of his wife. The mansion was almost destroyed in 1942 during the World War II and was abandoned since then until 2005. Fortunately, the structure was not totally eaten by fire and is still under the care of a Lacson bloodline after generations passed. 

Raymund Javellana

The award for “Best Destination for Heritage Site” was received by Don Mariano Lacson’s great grandchild Raymund Javellana during the first ever Choose Philippines Awards Night at the Dolphy Theatre in December 1, 2016. 

Photo by Sigrid Says

In Raymund Javellana’s words, “This really comes as a surprise. I would like to take this opportunity especially there’s so many young people around here. The ruins is the remains of the burnt mansion of our great grandfather and it was burnt in 1942 during World War II by the Guerrillas upon the instructions of the USAFFE or the United States of America Arm Forces in the Far East. It has been abandoned since 1942 up to the time I arrived in Bacolod in 2005.”

The structure was restored from 2005 when Mr. Javellana went back to Bacolod. He narrates, “I was so glad that it wasn't destroyed completely, and with the blessings of the Lord we were able to restore the mansion itself. We have done what we term in tourism as "adaptive reuse." Today the Ruins is one of the most sought after destinations in Bacolod, it's a must-see attraction and it has drawn a lot of tourists to Negros Occidental. Now we are gearing it as one of the wedding destinations.”

Raymund Javellana, in his acceptance speech, inspires the Filipino people, especially the young ones, to keep our heritage and culture via the preservation of these heritage sites. He says, “I invite everyone to please come and visit The Ruins and I challenge the people who keep destroying old structures to please stop and make some good use of it.”

The Ruins, located in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, stands today as a reminder that love stands the test of time. 

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