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What's Behind Liloan's Bagacay Point Lighthouse? It Will Keep You On Your Toes!


Aaliyah Ybanez
Aaliyah Ybanez | Jun 07, 2017
What's Behind Liloan's Bagacay Point Lighthouse? It Will Keep You On Your Toes!

One of the reasons why I liked science subjects was that we were often required to go out of town for a field trip, to get a bit of exposure to what you're actually learning in class. 












Our little trip up north in Cebu took us to Bagacay Point Lighthouse in Liloan. If you're from the area, you may have heard of it before. The lighthouse was originally built in 1857 then reconstructed in 1904 by Gen. William Howard Taft (remember him?). The beauty about the lighthouse is that it still stands erect and firm, amidst the passing of time.

The Secret Behind the Lighthouse 

Adventure-seekers take note, there's a secret behind the lighthouse and, ten times out of ten, it will keep you on your toes. Hint: it's literally behind the edifice. 

The path leading to the end. My friend was trying to imitate one of the goats.

There are goats in the area, they're harmless just as long as you don't provoke them. 

If you walk a bit further back, you'll notice there's a path leading to the end of the island. When you get to the end, you'll find the land end in rocky, jagged cliffs and the sea right below it. The perfect spot for a cliff dive! 

The place overlooks the Mactan Channel and if you have great eyesight, you'd be able to see the city from there (and the towering building along the seaside. 

The place isn't just for cliff diving, it's great for photoshoots (just like what we did) and for some time alone to think. 


When going back, look to your right and you'll find an ancient 'mini' lighthouse. The locals say this was the original one built in 1857. 

In the middle of our shoot, my friend's mom called and told us that there were snakes hidden in the bushes. When you go, it's best to be cautious and wary of your surroundings. 

The best part about this historical monument is that entrance is free. You could come here with your friends and have a bit of a dive and a picnic right afterwards. Although, please keep in mind to be clean as you go, when we were touring, there were numerous chip bags and plastics littered around. 

How to get there?

It's best to take a taxi or a car going there because the road isn't part of the main one. Just tell them to take you to San Fernando Rey Church in Lilo-an. From there, you can flag a tricycle to take you to Catarman, just tell them to stop at the Parola

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