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Look: Amazing Timelapse Of Manila University Will Give You Nostalgia

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Choose Philippines | Jun 04, 2017

The Philippines is blessed with many things: beautiful islands, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and of course, beautiful sunsets on a daily basis. However, that last one, being so common, is often the first to be forgotten. We're here to remind you just how special the sunsets in Manila (and of course, the entire Philippines) can be.

Look: Through the Travel Insider's Lens: The Most Breathtaking Sunsets in the Philippines

This video was taken by Manuel Ugma Ribo Jr. over two years ago at the Mapua University. The video, from its compelling composition to the way the colors blend together, invoke a feeling of sadness as you bid farewell to such a beautiful sight, yet also invokes happiness as you're assured that the sun will rise again the next day.

Watch the magnificent timelapse below, and be filled with all sorts of nostalgia:

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