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LOOK: Nueva Ecija's Rice Mural Depicts The Faces Of PH's Popular Celebrity Tandem

Nueva Ecija

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Choose Philippines | Sep 21, 2017
LOOK: Nueva Ecija's Rice Mural Depicts The Faces Of PH's Popular Celebrity Tandem

Filipinos, in our vast ingenuity and love for aesthetically-pleasing and beautifully things, are innate artists. Simply look around you, and you’re bound to see painters, singers, photographers, and artists of all calibers and genres. However, there’s a new form of art emerging from Nueva Ecija, and isn’t something you’d normally expect to see in museums or exhibits.

You see, a farm located inside the compound of the Philippine Rice Research Institute in the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, aside from producing their own solar and wind energy, as well as utilizing wi-fi connection and farm machinery for young and old farmers to experience high-tech farming, are also artists, though their art is far from the ordinary. We’ll show you:

Ganda, 'di ba?

What you’re seeing is a mural “painted” on a rice paddy, depicting Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Paddila, natives of Nueva Ecija, and also one of the hottest tandems in Philippine showbiz.

According to Pamela Carbungco, a communication specialist from the FutureRice Program of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, their goal for doing this is to provide modern rice technologies to farmers, and encourage young people to go back into farming. According to Carbungco, “one of the ways we do this is creating rice paddy arts, wherein we create an image of famous personalities using rice plants. These rice paddy artworks are one of the main attractions of the FutureRice farm. Every season, hundreds of people visit the farm to view and take photos of the paddy.”

The rice paddy art will be available for viewing for about a month from now, before it is harvested. Should you be interested in seeing this wonderful artwork for yourself, you can contact Pamela Carbungco through 0995-446-4947, or learn more about their farm here.

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