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A Pilgrimage to Miraculous Manaoag


Nannah Tobias
Nannah Tobias | Sep 20, 2013

Growing up, I would always pass by this Church as a "panata" (English: ritual) with my family. I didn't really enjoy how crowded it got and the "miraculous" essence of it only passed up as a hype to me.

cathedral Walking down the aisle

I guess it is only now as an adult in search of meaning and spirituality, that I realize the worth of this Church. Just last month, I was able to pass by once again--- The way it has evolved from a small and torn down place to a majestic and beautiful one proves that it is definitely a tourist destination for pilgrims. Classy.

cathedral Golden Glow

cathedral Floating candles of hope

The exterior looks fantastic. The interiors are even more remarkable. Best of all, you could witness many people from all walks of life praying intently. I particularly enjoyed observing the varying emotions and facial expressions inside the church at the 7am mass, as well as the ones in deep prayer inside the adoration area. The pond of floating candles remains to be my favorite.

cathedral Gotta have faith

For those who are not familiar with this heritage site, I picked up some folk bits about it on their website that once upon a time, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to an Ilocano farmer and gave him a message upon where the church must be built. She appeared on a low tree, beaming in a great glow of heavenly light.


That must explain why so many miracles are being granted on this heavenly ground. Don't you think so?

Definitely a must-visit and a must-visit again and again for me.

For Online "Pamisa" (Mass Intentions Offerings): Online Pamisa

cathedral Information and schedule from their website http://www.manaoagshrine.org/

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