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Appreciate The Simple Life: Shoot Location Of La Luna Sangre Revealed


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Choose Philippines | Jun 27, 2017

Pop culture is replete with stories of heroes and monsters, as well as the eternal battles the two opposing forces go through. This is apparent in nearly all national cultures, and because of the modern world’s interconnectivity, stories become appropriated and are included in the mythos of the country appropriating it. A prime example of this is the never-ending battle between werewolves and vampires in the latest installment of the Imortal series, La Luna Sangre.

The new teleserye has taken TV space by storm, partly because it continued the story of Imortal’s Mateo and Lia, as well as introducing new characters. The original duo, Mateo and Lia, now live peacefully away from the troubles that had previously plagued, and are trying their best to live a normal life, despite their differences and strange circumstances.

The teleserye started off by introducing the new hometown of Mateo and Lia, namely in Sitio Matiko in Brgy. Sabang, Morong, Bataan. The choice couldn’t have been more perfect, as Bataan is an accurate picture of both tranquil and uncertain, peaceful and menacing. However, despite that, it’s still a wonderful place to see, filled with beautiful landscapes, a thriving economy, and a fun, festive culture that shows the warmth of the locals.

La Luna Sangre may be a work of fiction, but the way it effectively uses its various locations makes us almost believe that, maybe, vampires and werewolves do exist in Bataan. Now we ask: would you be willing to seek them out? Watch the trailer of Mateo and Lia above. 

Would you be willing to go to Bataan, and perhaps encounter some vampires too? Share your thoughts down in the comments below, or write about your own spooky travels here on www.ChoosePhilippines.com!

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