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World's Largest "Butaka"


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Choose Philippines | Dec 02, 2013
World's Largest

Isabela Province --- the 2nd largest province in the Philippines and the home of the famous pancit dish… Pancit Cabangan.

But a few of us know that Isabela is also the place where one can find the biggest “butaka” in the world.

“Butaka” means a chair with long arm rest or we know it as the rocking chair of our grandparents. In Ilagan, Isabela one can find the biggest “butaka” and it was awarded by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest arm chair in the world, it measures 11.6 feet high, 20.8 feet long, and 9.8 feet wide.


Photo from archives.pia.gov.ph

Nevi (Recently ABS-CBN Pampanga reporter Nevi Calma visited the largest "butaka" in the world located in Ilagan, Isabela.)

It was created by Ilangueños in a span of one month. This enormous chair is one of the must see tourist attractions in Ilagan Isabela.

How to get there:

Isabela is approximately 405 kilometers away from Manila and thus you can ride a bus from Cubao going to Isabela. It will take you about 9 hours before you could reach the town proper. You can also get there via plane and arrive at the Cauayan Airport.

With reports and photo from ABS-CBN Pampanga, Nevi Calma.

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