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Caramoan: A Hidden Paradise Beyond the Mountains

, Camarines Sur

Ervin Malicdem
Ervin Malicdem | Jan 20, 2014
Caramoan: A Hidden Paradise Beyond the Mountains

Contributed by Travel Insider Ervin M. of Schadow1 Expeditions

Caramoan is a hidden paradise of islands just a few kilometers off the northern shores of Camarines Sur's mountainous peninsula, dotting the waters of the Pacific.

Each island has its unique characteristic and charm. From a wide golden sand bar that transforms into a shallow beach and floating cottages, to lagoon escapes, rolling hills, and expansive grasslands.

No doubt, beach bummers and trekkers as well need to experience Caramoan -- and each traveler will have his or her own story to tell.

Here are some of our articles on Caramoan:

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