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Beat the Heat: Capilay’s Spring Park


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Mar 14, 2014


Capilay’s Spring Park; photo by Dustin Mijares

"Splash up San Juan!" is the municipality’s slogan, and it lives true to its words. This summer, beat the heat while touring Siquijor with the refreshing waters of Capilay Spring.

Capilay is a natural spring that was transformed into a big swimming pool. It's found at the heart of the San Juan's town park. The municipality is located at the southwestern portion of the island-province of Siquijor.

Tourists and locals alike visit the park for its cold spring water, which is complemented well by the plaza itself. The shade of the big trees make for great picnics and strolls. Kiosks are found near the poolside for the people's convenience.


Capilay’s Spring Park; photo by Dustin Mijares

The park has a three-chambered pool:

  • Upper portion – where the natural springs are located;
  • Second/Middle portion – the swimming pool, where visitors could swim;
  • Third portion – the laundry pool, known as the “river” located by the road.


Capilay’s Spring Park; photo by Dustin Mijares

How to Get to Siquijor

Siquijor has three ports located at Larena, Lazi, and Siquijor. The main port, Larena, can accommodate large ships.


Capilay’s Spring Park; photo by Dustin Mijares

From Manila, you can fly to Cebu (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, 45 minutes). You can also fly to Dumaguete (estimated cost of Php4,000++, round trip, one hour and 15 minutes) or Tagbilaran since there is no direct flight from Manila to the island of Siquijor.

I'd suggest that you go for the Manila-Dumaguete flight. From Dumaguete, ride a ferry to Siquijor (estimated cost of Php200++, one-way, 1-2 hours). Usually the ferries leave Dumaguete City at 11:30am and 5:30pm. The Siquijor to Dumaguete leaves at around 5:30am and 12:30pm.

For inquiries or questions, contact Siquijor’s Tourism Office located in New Capitol Building, Pulangyuta, Siquijor at (035) 344-2008 or telefax (035) 480-9173.


Capilay’s Spring Park; photo by Dustin Mijares

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