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The Summer Guide to the Visayas Islands: Antique


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 07, 2014


The Sira-an Hot Spring has a sulfur pool. While taking a dip, you can enjoy the sea and Nogas Island as background.


Sira-an Hot Spring; photo from

Nogas Island is surrounded by mangroves and frangipanis along its white sand beaches. This uninhabited island is a marine sanctuary.


Overlooking Nogas Island from the Sira-an Hot Spring; photo from


For nature trippers, explore and snorkel in the Batabat and Punta Coral Reefs. They host varieties of vibrant fishes and coral formations, and the marine life there is among the best in the country.


A floating stage; photo from Batabat FB page


A beach in Batabat; photo from Batabat FB page


Visit the unspoiled and white sand beaches of Sibato and Sibay islands. You’ll be glad to uncover these hidden gems of Antique.


Sibato Island; photo from Caluya Island FB page


Sibay Island; photo from Sibay, Caluya, Antique FB page


Culasi was once known as “Bacong” during the Spanish times. Did you know that it had a barrio named “Villa de Hong Kong”? A census in 1905 revealed that it had the biggest Chinese population in Antique, thus the place in their honor, which is now part of the poblacion (town center).

Visit the tropical Island of Batbatan off the coast of Culasi where you’ll find white sand beaches and natural coves.


Batbatan Island; photo from


Kawit Sandbar in Batbatan Island; photo by Metro Culasi from flickr

Or explore Culasi’s crown jewel, the Mararison, also known as Malalison. It's a hook-shaped island with powdery white sand and sparkling clear waters.


Mararison Island; photo from Mararison Island Getaway FB page


Relax under the sun on a long stretch of white sand beach at Duyong. You can also gaze at the Duyong Mountain ranges in the east, and the magnificent view of Batbatan Island amid the golden sunset in the west.


Brgy. Duyong Golden Beach; photo from

Stroll along Tingib Beach and enjoy the refreshing breeze blowing gently from the Sulu Sea.


the serene and white sand beach of Tingib; photo from Antiqueno FB page


Go kite-surfing in Seco Island’s white sand beach.


Seco Island; photo from

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Kalibo (Php3500++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes). You can ride buses and vans plying to Iloilo via San Jose, Antique at the Caticlan terminal.


From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). From the Iloilo airport, you can take a van at Molo terminal (Php50++, one-way). You can also ride a bus or van plying to Iloilo-Caticlan / Iloilo-Culasi / Iloilo-Libertad depending on your destination (estimated cost of Php200++, one-way, 2-3 hours) to take you to Antique.

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