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The White & Pink Beaches of Northern Samar

Northern Samar

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 15, 2014

With the extensive damage of Typhoon Yolanda last November 2013, some tourists thought that most tourist spots in Eastern Visayas were destroyed.

There are still many beautiful places that you can spend your vacation in Eastern Visayas this summer like island hopping in Northern Samar where most tourists visit the white sand beach and lake at San Antonio. Then, there’s the pink sand beach in San Vicente.


white sand beach of San Antonio; photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Tacloban

Vacationers keep coming back in San Antonio Island because of its alluring white sand.


Haven of Fun Beach Resort; photo courtesy of Bernard Supetran

The island boasts of its natural beauty.


some cottages in the white sand beach of San Antonio; photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Tacloban

According to Elizabeth Balan, Tourism Officer of San Antonio, says that if you like to relax, live a simple life and loves to be with nature, San Antonio is the place for you.


boating activity in San Antonio; photo courtesy of ABS-CBN Tacloban

Additional attraction in San Antonio Island is the Lagbangan Lake where you can relax and enjoy your boat ride on its calm waters surrounded by mangroves.


Boating at Lagbangan Eco-Park in San Antonio; photo by Bernard Supetran

Aside from San Antonio, tourists also go to the island of San Vicente.


Pink beach in Sila Island, San Vicente; photo courtesy of Bernard Supetran

From afar, it looks like a white sand beach. But, when you’re up-close you’ll notice that the sand is pink in color.


Roldan Mahusay, Kapitan of Brgy. Sila, explained that it is pink in color because the corrals mixed with the sand.


The Island of San Vicente is the local’s favorite vacation place. You can have your picnics with its amazing view as background.


Summer is best for island-hopping in the islands of San Antonio and San Vicente. So expect that more tourists will flock these islands!

with reports from Melanie Bingco, ABS-CBN Tacloban

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