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The 10 Wonders of Siargao Island


Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 05, 2014
The 10 Wonders of Siargao Island

Siargao is an island known for surfing, and in addition, it has natural wonders worth discovering and sharing. Visit the island yourself and help us add to this list!

1) Cloud 9

Siargao’s jewel, Cloud 9, is a surfers’ haven and home of champion surfers. It's world famous for its waves, bringing in surfers from all over and from every division. Meet one of them here.

siargaocloud9 The waves at Cloud 9

siargaocloud9 Wahines on their way to surf

2) Magpupungko Rock in Pilar

A big rock sits on top of a small rock, thus its name Magpupungko, from the Visayan term “pungko” or sit. Its blue lagoon enchants the traveler during low tide. More photos and information here.

siargaomagpupungko Magpupungko rock

siargaomagpupungko Magpupungko’s Blue Lagoon

3) Del Carmen Mangrove Forest and Sugba Cove

This forest hides a cove with clean and clear blue waters. It's also a rich fishing ground.

siargaodelcarmen Mangrove Forest

siargaodelcarmen Sugba Cove

4) Islands

Just across the long stretch of white sand beach of General Luna are three islands: Guyam, Daku, and Naked Island. Swimming in these islands is so refreshing, minus the crowd. Related article here.

siargaoislands The almost hectare-long Naked Island

5) Buko Pie of Dapa

Enjoy each bite of the islands' buko pie as each slice is stuffed with the freshest young coconut meat. It's available at the Dapa Public Market. Details here.



6) Pan de Surf

Named after the shape of the surf boards, this bread sure fills the surfers' and the travelers' tummies.


7) Adventure Race of Sta. Monica

Every year, Sta. Monica’s Adventure racers are armed with a map and a compass and base the locations of their tasks on coordinates. A challenging race indeed!

siargaoadventurerace Map of Sta. Monica for adventure racers

siargaoadventurerace Adventure racers accomplishing a task

8) Beaches

As an island, Siargao’s coastlines vary from coves of white sand beaches to rocky black limestone tidepools. Sample: Banday beach.


9) Waterfall

Taktak Falls is the only waterfall in Siargao and is located in Santa Monica.


10) Seafood

Crabs, prawns, shrimps, squids, and different species of fishes are so fresh and affordable.


How to Get There:

PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Surigao City.

Siargao Island can be reached by boat from Surigao City. Roro or M/V Fortune Angels to Dapa cost from Php180 (US$4.18) for Economy B and Php220 (US$5.12) for Economy A. Terminal fee is Php10 (US$0.24). Dapa Express also plies the route at Php200 (US$4.65) from the Surigao City Port.

Van rental around the island is Php4,000 (US$93)/day.

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