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When in Siargao: Get a Double (Island) Whammy!

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 16, 2014
When in Siargao: Get a Double (Island) Whammy!

With islands dotting Siargao's periphery, island-hopping is a must-do activity when you're there.


From the town of Sta. Monica, Kambiling Island is just 20 minutes by boat. Kambiling is barely a hundred meters wide; it has the finest white sand that your feet can sink into, the bluest water to dip and swim in, and shells galore in its shore. Shell gathering is prohibited, though. Leave them as you find them :)



Puyo Island is more than a hectare wide with lots of coconut trees to provide shade, as well as uprooted coconut trees lining its shore.


The roots show shells that have embedded themselves in the growth. The creamy white sand beach and the gentle lapping of the water as it reaches the shore make Puyo a good place to relax, have a picnic, and just plain laze away.


Kambiling and Puyo -- a two-island surprise that’s worth keeping in any traveler's treasure chest of beautiful places to experience in Siargao.


What to Expect and Bring

Arrange for the local government unit to take you to the islands. Prepare for at least 5 liters of gas to be used for the motorboats to take you to and around the islands.

Sunblock (at least SPF100). There’s no excuse for sunburn.

A wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun’s heat.


Swimsuit. You won't be able to resist the water.

Bottled water and packed food. You’ll be kilometers away from your friendly sari-sari store.

Rubber flip-flops or aqua shoes. Protect yourself from stepping on broken shells or sea urchins.


How to Get There

PAL and other major airlines fly daily to Surigao City.

Siargao Island can be reached by boat from Surigao City. RORO vessels or M/V Fortune Angels to Dapa cost from Php180 (US$4.18) for Economy B and PhP220 (US$5.12) for Economy A. Terminal fee is PhP10 (US$0.24). Dapa Express also plies the route at Php200 (US$4.65) from the Surigao City Port.

Sta. Monica is 45 kilometers or 2 hours away by land from Dapa, Siargao Island. Jeepneys and motorcycles are available to take you to the town proper at Php30 (US$0.70) per person or PhP100 (US2.33) to charter the motorcycle. Jeepney fare is PhP70 (US$1.63) per person.

Coming from Sta. Monica’s boulevard, the islands can be toured within an hour's time.

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