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Things to Do in Batanes: Explore Sabtang Island


Aleah Taboclaon
Aleah Taboclaon | Jun 17, 2014

Out of the 10 islands in Batanes province, only three are inhabited. When you get a chance to go there, make sure to visit Sabtang Island.

Sabtang can be reached via a small, riggerless boat called faluwa from the Ivana port. If the waves are huge, it can be a scary ride. Don't worry if you see people loading the boat with sackfuls of sand, bicycles, and various animals. The boat can handle it!

The ride takes only 30 minutes, and the views you'll see in Sabtang make everything worth it.

If you've hired a guide to take you to Sabtang (which I highly recommend), he'll take you to the following sites:


Morong Beach

There are a lot of things you can do in Morong Beach. You can swim, take pictures by Mayahaw Arch, or just relax on the white sand. There's also a cliff at one end of the beach. If it's low tide, you can go explore there. Look for sea creatures trapped in small pools inside.


Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

You can have the best views of Sabtang at Chamantad-Tinyan. Even if it's hot when you're there, make sure to go up the trail so you can see the ocean. Take lots of pictures!


Chavayan Village

If you're staying overnight in Sabtang, you can find a homestay there for Php150/night. You can also watch the Sabtang Weavers make the vakul, the headgear Ivatans use to protect them from the elements.

Sabtang, like the rest of Batanes, is really beautiful. Our stay there of only day was definitely not enough. When I get the chance to go back, I'll make sure to stay longer.

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