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Bulabog Beach: The Other Side of Boracay Island


Nannah Tobias
Nannah Tobias | Jun 20, 2014


I can only recommend that you drop by Bulabog Beach on your next visit to Boracay. it's just a short walk from Budget Mart at D'Mall -- you take the first road on the left part of the lagoon and just keep on walking for the next 5 minutes or so.

Bulabog Kite Surfing

bulabog Kite surf season is from October to April.

Bulabog Beach isn't ideal for swimming, as it's dotted with seaweed and sewage pipes. However, the strong winds in this side of the island is perfect for kitesurfing. I met some Aussie and Japanese pro surfers and it was a beautiful time in the afternoon to watch them maneuver and do some amazing jumps.

For beginners, you may drop by the Habagat Kitevillage – Aissatou Resort for the Discovery Course that lasts for 2 hours. Prices range from 1,500 - 3000 pesos.

Since it's off-season as of this writing (June 2014), all water activities take off from here since we can expect calm waters.

Stay at the MNL Beach Boracay Hostel

bulabog Climb up MNL Beach Boracay Hostel.

The hostel culture is quite new to many Filipinos, and this kicking new place to stay at is currently targeting backpackers, tourists, and foreigners who know the drill when it comes to hostel stays.

Some rules that apply worldwide: no families, keep things locked up when you're checked-in at the dorm rooms, clean up your mess at the common areas -- easy and simple rules that you and I can follow.

bulabog The lobby of the hostel is too chill to describe for words.

This is just one out of the many common areas you can find in this sizable hostel. There's an atmosphere of peace, love, and just about the right amount of order. You can chat up with the other guests and you can also do your own thing without pretense. I like this vibe.

bulabog The 2nd floor offers a small library and a day bed to relax on after hours of basking in the sun.

bulabog The painted walls of MNL Hostel Chain provides an atmosphere for fun and creativity for its vibrant guests.

bulabog The 4th floor has the biggest common area: hammocks, breakfast, coffee, fridge, and tables to chill on and small talk with other guests.

bulabog The Roof Deck is where all the magic happens -- karaoke nights, movie nights, and just random nights where you can bring your own booze and just watch the stars with your new friends.

bulabog The Roof Deck is also perfect for kite surf watching and viewing the Bulabog beach area from the top.

bulabog The friendliest staff you will ever meet: Jayson, Kiana, and Ricmar at your service.

bulabog The friendliest staff you will ever meet: Ronimel at your service.

They have various types of rooms: 8-dorm rooms, non-AC and AC rooms, double rooms, and more. Good location, amazing service, comfy beds, hot showers, and an overall fun atmosphere is how I sum up the MNL Beach Boracay Hostel.

Visit, inquire, and nook at the MNL Beach Boracay Hostel today: MNL Beach Boracay Hostel.

bulabog Stay connected.

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

bulabog Just a short walk from MNL Boracay is the Lazy Dog B&B.

bulabog Whiskey (a.k.a. The Lazy Dog), after his morning walk at Bulabog Beach.

I had a chance to have a short chat with Djila Winebrenner, one of the owners, who is very hands-on in running the place. It was refreshing to find out that The Lazy Dog is not only gay-friendly, but is a bi-polar friendly accommodation.

bulabog Our friends from The Lazy Dog: Meet Djila and Whiskey.

Djila tells me that since her childhood, she had always dreamt of living the chill beach lifestyle. Once she had the chance to move to Boracay in 2004, she decided quick, and hasn't regretted since. Now living here for 10 years, she tells me, "How can you not love working in bare feet and boardshorts every day of the week?"

bulabog The Lazy Dog is also open for drinks as you wind down in the afternoon.

Her most unforgettable experience at The Lazy Dog was when an old American guest was checked in and she later discovered he has mental instability. At first she was rather cautious as to how to handle him as he was traveling alone. After a few days, she found herself becoming friends with him. She tells me, "I've met enough crazies in my life and that's not a first -- no matter what state you are in, you are pretty much welcome here."

bulabog Have some alone time as you take your brunch and coffee here.

To learn more: The Lazy Dog.

Other Places Around Bulabog Beach that I Stumbled Upon

bulabog The 7 Stones hotel resort is a beauty to behold: known to offer very delicious dinner for date nights.

bulabog A hole in a wall, Munchies, across MNL Boracay Hostel serves affordable Mexican and local dishes. Key words: Cheap beer.

Another kiteboarding inn Timog serves pretty decent eggs ben and creamy cheesecake, perfect for your post-lesson or pro-surf.

bulabog Eggs Benedict at Timog.

bulabog You may go all the way with their big breakfast meals.

bulabog Must-order: Timog's Strawberry cheesecake.

At super-affordable prices!

Learn more here:

bulabog The basics to getting from point A to point B.

White Beach, Boracay

bulabog The famous Willy's Rock.

Then again, our favorite scene in Boracay is just a short walk away from Bulabog Beach.

My tip for frequent Boracay visitors: add Bulabog Beach to your itinerary so you can maximize your stay in this magical island!

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