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Exposed! The World's Sexiest Island, Found in the Philippines!

Catanduanes, Bicol

Apple  Allison
Apple Allison | Jul 02, 2014

Approaching the isle, you might first think that it's simply a lighthouse in the middle of sea. But once you get closer, you'll realize that it's more than that. With its size and shape, it can be easily tagged as the smallest and the sexiest among the 7,107 islands in the Philippines, or maybe even in the world.

My Bicol Explorer Kurakog

Come a little bit closer and you'll realize the islet has a phallic shape.

buto ni kurakog

"Buto ni Kuragog," that's how locals call it.

Th existence of this isle comes with a very interesting story. According to popular belief, it's a symbol of the undying love of an immortal guy named "Kurakog" for a mortal lady of Bagamanoc named "Kalarab."

This famous landmark can be found off the coast of Bagamanoc municipality facing the vast Pacific Ocean. It serves as a site of folk fertility rites for locals, and even some tourists.

Despite the numerous typhoons and strong waves, this five-foot islet composed of soil and loose rocks remains proud and strong. There have been some instances when tourists were able to get close, touch the islet, and even leave some offerings.

buto ni kurakog

Bagamanoc is approximately 2-3 hours away from Virac, the capital town of Catanduanes. For more information, contact Ms. Carmel Garcia, the Provincial Tourism Office of Catanduanes at [email protected] or visit

Check the video clip of Buto ni Kurakog on my Sole Searching Soul Blog .

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