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Calintaan: An Exceptional Beach in Sorsogon


Almer Casio
Almer Casio | Sep 22, 2014

Calintaan Island is a great getaway for the family when you visit the Bicol Region.

Prepare for a memorable escape in this island paradise.

This beach island in Matnog, Sorsogon isn't that known, but surprisingly it gives every beach-goer the full satisfaction and unforgettable experience, especially upon touching the clean white sand and waters.

Enjoying the white sand of Calintaan.

Calintaan: a perfect haven for relaxation, refreshments, recreations, family bonding, and more fun activities.

Spend the weekend with your family.

VIEW: Make Calintaan your jump-off point to the rest of the region with the Choose Philippines “Hot Map to Bicol”:


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