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Be the 1st to Savor These Soon-to-Open Virgin Beaches

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 06, 2014

Photos by Tomas Jose S. Iñigo and the writer.


Whenever celebrities stay in Davao City and there's time for a quick visit to the beach, Talicud Island is always on top of their list. The popular ones are Isla Reta and Babu Santa.


Plans for an open beach line policy are being studied and developed. These will open Talicud's virgin beaches, not only to celebrities, but for every wanderer.

What’s in store for everyone?

1) Long stretch of white sand beaches unhampered by ugly jetties


Some of which are undeveloped and have no entrance fee. Just bring your own picnic essentials of food, blanket and water.

2) Crystal clear deep blue waters under blue skies


Colors that range from blue green to the lightest and deepest blue.


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3) Corals of every shape, size, and color

Just don’t touch or step on them. You just might get jailed, thus spoiling your island vacation.


Look, celebrity & champion swimmer Enchong Dee just found a heart-shaped one!


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4) Abundant marine life

Fish, starfish, dugong, dolphins, whalesharks, and schools of fish are these waters' denizens.


4) Rustic to first-class accommodations


You can stay in a native hut or airconditioned rooms in an established resort.

5) Relaxing Island life


Swim, dive, snorkel, kayak, take a dip, or sleep in a hammock. It's just you, the sun, sand, sky, sleep, and serenity.


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How to Get There

PAL and Cebu Pacific fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Travel time from Manila is an hour and 30 minutes and 50 minutes from Cebu.

Boats to and from Talicud Island ply the route at the Sta. Ana Wharf or take the passenger ferry at Km. 12 in Sasa.

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