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Things to Do in Boracay: Island Hopping


Aleah Taboclaon
Aleah Taboclaon | Nov 22, 2014

Boracay is best known for its lovely beaches, active nightlife, and a number of fun watersports activities. You can go waterskiing, jetskiing, parasailing, and even helmet diving.

Even a simple (and cheap) activity like snorkeling is fun in Boracay, too. It is usually included in any island hopping tour which lasts anywhere from 3 hours to a full day. There are a lot of tour operators in Boracay; just pick and choose depending on your itinerary, and of course, the budget.

Included in my 3-hour island hopping tour in Boracay were these destinations and activities:

* Crystal Cove

* Crocodile Island

* Ilig-iligan Beach

paraw in boracay

Crystal Cove

There are two coves on the island. Cove 1 is a bit smaller, and going down the rock face can be challenging as the steps are steep and the rocks slippery. Cove 2 is a bit bigger, but you have to wade through water and walk a few meters down a narrow tunnel. In both coves, the water inside is crystal clear, and it's well worth seeing.

Entrance to the Crystal Cove is P200, usually included already in the island hopping fee. To read more about my experience, check out my post Island Hopping in Boracay. You can also read about why I think Boracay is not for solo travelers.

Clear waters in Crystal Cove.

My Boracay Guide

I booked my three-hour island hopping tour via My Boracay Guide. Package costs P3,000 for 1-6 persons, so it's highly recommended that you go as a group. Let them know when you're going, they're very accommodating.

The rock formation known as the Keyhole.

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