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A Sexy Beach Resort Near the Philippines' Biggest City: SECDEA

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 29, 2015
A Sexy Beach Resort Near the Philippines' Biggest City: SECDEA

I have been seeing angles of SECDEA from photos of friends that they have posted on Facebook.  It prompted me to contact Christine Afdal who works with the resort.  Don’t tell her that I told you that she’s the C in SECDEA.

Anyway, she said that the resort is still incomplete.  Construction of other facilities is still ongoing.  But I was adamant and told her that The Travel Teller Olan Emboscado and I would like to feature the resort.  So off we go on a sunny Sunday.

There really is construction ongoing but it did not distract us from the beauty that SECDEA has.

Its lobby and staff are welcoming and the Kois colorful swimming in the pond sets the mood for a relaxed state of mind.

Its resident furbabies, Chester the Pug and Renty the Black Labrador, were also part of the welcoming committee.  Chester multitasks as a lifeguard, tour guide and overseer of the grounds happily following the resort staff while Renty is in charge of the office.

SECDEA showcases its mangrove sanctuary and nursery and the Mangrove Walk can be a favorite “US” time for lovers and a teaching and learning experience for kids.  They grow Patapat and Bakhaw varieties of the mangroves to rehabilitate the shore.  They even give out seedlings to organizations and the DENR whenever there’s a mangrove planting activity.

After the mangrove walk, we went to the Fish Pond where Hito and Tilapia can be caught.  You weigh what you manage to catch then have it cooked or you can bring it home.

Their infinity pool is an option if you don’t want to swim in the sea.  Its also a beautiful location for photo shoots.  But the white sand and the blue sea is inviting and welcoming.  Fresh water or sea water, both are relaxing.

If you want to have a panoramic view of the whole resort, go up the steps where the SECDEA sign is.  From there it’s different hues of white and blues like white clouds, blue skies, light blue sea, white sand and blue pool with patches of green trees.

If you’re scared of heights, pass by the resort’s beautiful chapel and muster some courage first before going up.

Or you can take the golf cart and drive up just like what we did.

SECDEA’s cottages are airy with very comfortable beds and pillows and have a bathroom that I can live in.  We were shouting and jubilating over our bet for the Ms. Universe, MJ Lastimosa making it to the top 15 and top 10 and i’m sure that we did not bother the other cottage occupants.  Yes, that’s how airy the room is.  If we did bother you, I’m saying sorry now.

At night, all you can hear are the crickets and other insects of the night.  We know because we had our dinner at our patio.  

What’s comforting about SECDEA is that it serves dishes with the taste of home cooking of our favorite Pinakbet, Pork Adobo and Shell Soup.  We even had a small platter of Pineapples, Mangoes, Bananas and Watermelon.  To top it all off, we had Guyabano shake.

Day tour guests can have a sampling of these delicious dishes from a buffet during lunch which is included in their tour. Stay-in guests can also have their delicious breakfast buffet at the restaurant.

The Pinakbet is a must-eat, mind you!

The day after, I waited early for the sunrise at their cottage at the dock.  Everything was still and it was drizzling.  As the sun broke through the clouds and its rays spread over the sea, a rainbow shone over SECDEA and Samal Island.  

With its first-class amenities, taste of home cooking and fantastic seascapes, I know that I have found a new refuge by the sea.

Information on how to get there and rates are available at

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