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5 White Sand Beaches That Are Not Boracay

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Choose Philippines | May 01, 2015
5 White Sand Beaches That Are Not Boracay

Labor Day, May 1, coincides with the peak of summer in the Philippines. Weather experts even say that we might hit an all-time high of 39-40 C this long weekend. So, what's the best thing to do on a very hot summer holiday? Well, go to the beach, of course! And where's the best place to do it? Boracay!

We even have a term for it already, "LABORACAY"!

According to (yes, they have a website), "Laboracay is a summer party celebration in Boracay. Famous artists both local and foreign often visit boracay during this time. It is marked by intense partying by the beach, lots of booze and good music."

Laboracay is usually prounounced as \'ley-bo-'ra-kay\ but if you want a more conyotic version it's \'ley-b?-'r?-k?\ (ley borey key). Laboracay is not a company, it's not a sponsor, and it's not an official event (at least not yet). It's just the term people use to commemorate what's happening in Boracay in the week of Labor Day.

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But, what if, you're tired of the all-night partying, the tugs-tugs of electronic dance music, and the endless stream of people along the white coast?

Luckily, the Philippines is blessed with a number of white sand beaches where you can just laze around and relax while on a much-needed break from work.

Listed here are 5 great alternatives that are as beautiful as Boracay:

1) Patar Beach, "Boracay of the North"

Patar Beach is located in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It is a 6-7 hour drive from Manila, but don’t let this discourage you from exploring this paradise up north. The town provides the perfect panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea, and its various beach landscapes are definitely a sight to behold.

Photo by Renzelle Ann Palma

Patar Beach is the typical Pinoy beach. Huts are lined up along the shore, where feasts of seafood and beer are sure to be found. And of course, karaokes are not lost in the festivities, with someone surely belting "My Way" till the lungs threaten to explode.

Photo by Renzelle Ann Palma
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2) Tondol White Sand Beach, "Little Boracay"

Tondol White Sand Beach in Anda, Pangasinan has an entrance fee of 5 pesos.

Photo from
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3) Balas Island, another "Little Boracay"

Found in Dosol, Pangasinan, this little island has fine white sand best enjoyed early in the afternoon. Why? Because the whole island disappears at high tide, thus also called the "Sinking Island of Pangasinan."

Photo from Aldrin Soriano
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4) Camiguin Island

Dubbed as one of the 17 most beautiful travel destinations in 2014, Camiguin off mainland Mindanao has enthralled countless visitors to this island of born of fire. 

Photo by Christa I. De La Cruz
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5) Talicud Island, Davao del Norte

This virgin island has a long stretch of white sand beaches unhampered by jetties, sailboats, and banana boats.

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So, what's your pick for the long weekend? Happy Labor Day!

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