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Baganga’s Beautiful Disaster: A Sign of Life After Typhoon Pablo

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 17, 2015
Baganga’s Beautiful Disaster: A Sign of Life After Typhoon Pablo

Passing by the coastal road of Baganga, Davao Oriental, you will see a park where whitewashed mangroves stand starkly against the sea and the sky.

It’s a reminder of how the mangroves staunchly defended Baganga’s shore from the surge that Typhoon “Pablo” created.  They are testaments to how mangroves protect the environment at the risk of their very lives.

Some of the trees are showing signs of life with the green leaves sprouting from their branches; A fitting symbol of how the people of Baganga and Davao Oriental have recovered and are living life to the fullest again.

Baganga Sunrise Boulevard is best viewed when the dawn breaks, as its name suggests.

In the dark, rays of light slowly shines, leaving you awestruck as the gnarled branches and trunks of the mangroves provide a dramatic foreground to the yellow orange brightness of the sun.

It is lively at Sunrise Boulevard---from the chirping birds, people walking their dogs, to park workers doing their morning chores.

The park is a favorite destination for joggersand catchers of the dawn.

Children can play with the driftwood gathered from the storm, while adults can share their experiences of “Pablo” and the lessons learned from the disaster.  

There is strength gained from surviving upheavals. A disaster can be turned into experiences and monuments that make people and earth beautiful.

So when you pass by Davao Oriental, Baganga Sunrise Boulevard will make you remember that everyone can rise over a disaster.



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