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7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Palawan (Museums + Heritage Sites + Parks)


Enrico Dee | Jun 24, 2015
7 Amazing Spots to Visit in Palawan (Museums + Heritage Sites + Parks)

1. Santa Isabel Fort in Taytay

A fort built during the Spanish era, Santa Isabel Fort is named after the Spanish Queen. Inside is a small museum that houses interesting facts about the fort. There’s also a skeleton of the Irrawaddy dolphin caught of the shores of Taytay.

There’s also an old chapel on top of the hill which is perfect for intimate weddings.

Overlooking the fort is a Hollywood-esque installation placed on top of the mountain. It’s not cute, as it destroys the natural beauty of the verdant mountains. I would just hope that this would not set precedent to other LGUs in setting up signs like this.

We travelled south to Puerto Princesa.

2. Binuatan Creations for Souvenirs

Who would have thought that a seemingly useless grass, like tikog and amumuting, can be transformed into more valuable items?

Handbags, placemats, table runners, you name it!



3. Plaza Cuartel

The cuartel is probably one of the most significant sites in Palawan during the war time era. This is where American prisoners of war were killed in a fire by the Japanese troops.


4. Princesa Eulalia Park

The park is just a few meters away from Plaza Cuartel. PrincesaEulalia was the daughter of the Queen of Spain. The capital of Palawan was also named after her.


5. War Museum

The museum houses an impressive collection of war artifacts and memorabilia. It has a section that showcases weapons used by the Mindanao people like the Maranao brass swords and shields.


6. Palawan Heritage Center

The museum houses contemporary artworks made by local artists. It showcases the various awards and recognitions received by Palawan for its topnotch eco-tourism initiatives.

A section of the museum is also devoted to highlighting the amazing flora and fauna of the province. Preserved birds were displayed in glass cases.

A reproduction of the famed Manunggul jar can be seen here. The Manunggul jar is featured on the old 1000-peso bill. It’s believed to be a secondary burial jar found in Southern Palawan. The original jar is now safely kept at the National Museum of the Filipino People.

Another interesting section of the museum is probably one of the most renowned in the pop culture generation: a large glass case full of memorabilia from the movie “Ploning.” The movie, shot in the northern island of Cuyo, placed the island into much prominence. There were photo books, movie tickets and posters on display. Ploning’s simple yellow blouse and pencil cut skirt which was worn by actress Judy Ann Santos is also on display.


7. La Terrasse Café

The restaurant serves good French-inspired dishes. Everything’s good! Try their Palaweño Craft Beer.

I tried the Ayahay Honey Kolsch variety brewed by the Palaweño Brewery. The aroma is kind of sweet, the flavor is smooth and not a hint of bitterness. It is the first and only craft beer Brewery in Palawan.

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