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American Site Lists 8 Reasons to Visit Philippines

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Choose Philippines | Aug 10, 2015
American Site Lists 8 Reasons to Visit Philippines

There are 7,107 reasons to choose the Philippines. We have given you 10 reasons to choose Catanduanes, 11 reasons to choose Palawan, 6 reasons to choose Mati City, and a lot more!

Last week, Hawaii-based Associate Editor for The Huffington Post Carla Herreria argued "8 Reasons A Trip To The Philippines Should Be In Your Future." If you're still wondering what The Huffington Post (aka Huff Post) is, it is an American online news aggregator and blog which became the first commercially-run US digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize.

(Screencap from The Huffington Post)

Herreria started her piece with a very enticing description of the Philippines: "There's an incredible chain of tropical islands in the Pacific that is sprinkled with pink, white and black sand beaches, ultra-relaxing luxury resorts, charming countrysides and villages, exotic foods and an enticing nightlife. You know it exists, but you've probably never thought of planning a trip there."

(Screencap from The Huffington Post)

Complemented by astounding photos, she listed 8 reasons to plan a future trip to the Philippines. These are: incredible sights, diverse food, picturesque beaches, spectacular hiking grounds, popular diving spots, quirky transporation, world-famous hospitality, and the unique mouse-deer.

(Screencap from The Huffington Post)


(Screencap from The Huffington Post)

If these reasons aren't enough, better read more on Choose Philippines


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