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Dadatan's Beautiful Underwater Love Affair

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 08, 2015
Dadatan's Beautiful Underwater Love Affair

The Dadatan Mangove Garden is home to two types of mangroves: the Patapat and the Bakhaw.

When it is low tide, you can easily spot the difference between the two.  The Bakhaw has spike-like protrusions reaching out to the ground while the Patapat has none of it.

As you move towards the sea where the mangrove garden ends, a profusion of corals thrives.

The corals are of different shapes, colors and textures. You can see the clownfish “Nemo” frolicking in and among the corals.

Seeing the corals up close and personal without having to dive deeper makes you appreciate the beauty that is just right at your foot. According to the locals the mangroves and the corals benefit from each other. 

The mangroves give shade to the corals and protect it from stressors that causes coral bleaching. The corals in turn gather nutrients for the mangroves.

For me it is a beautiful love affair that only gives the best for each other.

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