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Through the Travel Insider's Lens: A Preview of 3 Philippine Destinations

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Choose Philippines | Oct 16, 2015
Through the Travel Insider's Lens: A Preview of 3 Philippine Destinations

@KGWanders, a "piggyback-ridin' couple from the Philippines," shared some of their travel photos with us and we can't help but let you take a sneak peek.


Our Travel Insiders have recently explored Camp Netanya in Anilao, Batangas. Their blog page described it as: "a relatively new resort that has captivated many with its exquisite Greek-inspired architecture and stunning infinity pool, earning it the moniker of the 'Santorini of the South.'"

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Boracay Island in Aklan has been the subject of many photographs and travel blogs. It is famous for its fine white sand, summer parties, and a number of water sports.

And, of course, who cannot fall in love with Boracay's beautiful sunset?

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Washed by the West Philippine and by the Sulu Sea, Palawan is the "Land of Beautiful Safe Harbor."  It has a land area of more than 1.7 million hectares. This includes the long and narrow Palawan Island, the Calamianes Group of Islands (northeast), Durangan Island (westernmost part), Balabac Island (southern tip), Cuyo Islands, and the disputed Spratly Islands.

El Nido, Palawan

It was placed first in the Top 30 Islands of the World Category in the 2014 Readers' Choice Awards of US-based luxury and lifestyle travel magazine. It beat the US Virgin Islands in the Carribean, the picturesque landscape of Santorini in Greece, and even the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Matinloc Shrine (El Nido, Palawan)


Snake Island (El Nido, Palawan)
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