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3 Amazing Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss in the ‘Great Island’ of Zamboanga

Zamboanga del Norte

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 05, 2015
3 Amazing Adventures You Shouldn’t Miss in the ‘Great Island’ of Zamboanga

The islands of Greater Sta. Cruz and Little Sta. Cruz are both protected areas in Zamboanga City. Greater Sta. Cruz is an island with a total land area of 2.6 kilometers inhabited by a small community of Badjaos. 

The other island, Little Sta. Cruz, is closed to the public because it is being used as a military camp. 

Here are three recommended things to do while in Greater Sta. Cruz Island: 

Laze by the pinkish sand beach

The pink sand is a result of the pulverized red organ pipe coral mixed with the island’s white sand. 

Tour the mangrove forest on boat

A mangrove lagoon is found at the back part of the island. Mangrove trees help maintain a balanced ecosystem in the area.

One can explore the center of the mangrove lagoon on boat and be lulled by the calmness of the water. 



Go bird watching

Tourists are not the only visitors to the island. Sta. Cruz is a sanctuary for migratory birds and other endemic species. 

When in Zamboanga City, do not forget to try its signature food, the Curacha and visit its historic city hall.

All photos from Choose Philippines travel insider Glenn Santillan Escape Manila.


How To Get There:

Arrange your trip at the City Tourism Office at Paseo del Mar in Zamboanga City.

Boat rental is PhP 1,000 for 1-10 people.  Additional fee PhP100/person exceeding 10.

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