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Through the Travel Insider's Lens: 10 Wallpaper-worthy Sceneries in the Philippines

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Choose Philippines | Dec 09, 2015

When work gets too stressful, it's always nice to unplug, go somewhere quiet, see beautiful sights, and experience new things outside of the normal, daily grind. But that can't always be the case, so what's the next best thing? Keep these on your phone, computer, or table, and just look at them whenever you're stressed!

Anywhere you point your camera at Bantayan Island, Cebu, tiyak na may makikita kang magandang tanawin. Mula kay Babyboi Cadis.

Magsawa kang magpagulong-gulong dito sa Quitinday Greenhills at Mount MayonMula kay Dark Rane.

Say what you want, but Boracay remains picturesque as ever. Mula kay Erwin Ligue.

Cordillera is full of magic, and this photo perfectly captures that mystical feelingMula kay Grace Florence.

Isabela, Negros Occidental is your next haven to escape to. Pero sa ngayon, wallpaper muna. Mula kay Jasper Ivan Iturriaga.

Interact with the wildlife at magsawa sa kaka-picture dito sa Calauit Island, PalawanMula kay Kristine Corriente.

This view in Siquijor Beach, complete with the solitary tree, has a certain nostalgic feeling to it. Mula kay Rehj Payunan Medina.

Sunsets in the Philippines are always wallpaper-worth, like this one at Nasugbu, BatangasMula kay Say Lakwatchera.

And this beautiful seaside sunset at Isla GigantesMula kay Sen Oñas Pudadera.

And of course, the island of fire, SiquijorMula kay Tody Dino.

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